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ImageJørgen Randers

Professor, Norwegian Business School (BI)

Jørgen Randers (in English: Jorgen) (b. 1945) is professor of climate strategy at the Norwegian Business School, where his work is concentrated on climate issues, scenario analysis and system dynamics. He lectures frequently abroad for various audiences on sustainable development, especially on the climate challenge.  

Jorgen serves on several corporate boards and is member of the ”sustainability board” of British Telecom in England and The Dow Chemical Company in the US. In 2005-06 he headed the cabinet appointed Norwegian Commission on Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Lavutslippsutvalget), which produced a white book on how Norway can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2/3 by 2050.

Jorgen served as deputy director general of the WWF International in Switzerland 1994-99 and as president of the Norwegian School of Management 1981-89.

He has authored and co-authored several books and articles, notably the controversial The Limits to Growth (1972) and updates in 1992 and 2004.


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ImagePer Espen Stoknes

Associate Professor, Norwegian Business School (BI)

Per Espen Stoknes (b.1967) is a writer, organisational psychologist, lecturer and leadership trainer. He is associate professor at the Norwegian Business School, Center for Climate Strategy. Per Espen is responsible for the Master of Management in Scenarios, Foresight and Strategy and Teamleadership and the Leadership Team. Named ”Lecturer of the Year 2000-2001 at the Centre for Leadership Development, Norwegian School of Management.

Per Espen has headed more than 20 large scale scenario projects in Norway and internationally over the last 10 years. He is author of three books in Norwegian: ”Sjelens Landskap – Refleksjoner over natur og myter”, Cappelen 1996, ”Lær av Fremtiden”, Gyldendal 2004. ”Penger og sjel – en ny balanse mellom finans og følelser”, Flux Forlag, 2007. The latter is about to be published also in English.
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ImageBjørn Brunstad

Research Fellow, Norwegian Business School (BI)

Bjørn Brunstad (b. 1973) is an expert in scenario planning and other foresight methods. Bjørn analyses responses to climate change as part of a larger paradigm shift, driven by new worldviews and technologies as governments, companies and consumers scramble to position themselves for a low-carbon future with the added challenge of more pronounced resource shortages. Bjørn has a particular focus on the changes that will come in the transport sector, which produces almost a fourth of world carbon emission and consumes roughly half the world's oil.

Bjørn has a cross-disciplinary social science background from the Universities of Oslo and Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), where he took his MSc degree (Høyere Avdeling) in strategy on scenario planning and creativity. He has worked six years in the energy oriented research and consulting firm Econ (now Econ Pöyry), and continues to hold a position there. Bjørn’s work at Econ has centred on developing scenario planning and other foresight methods and applying them in a wide range of different settings - from strategic environmental assessments to corporate strategy making. He has co-authored two scenario books.

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ImageMarit Sjøvaag Marino


Marit Sjøvaag Marino (b. 1967) is a political scientist. She is responsible for the annual status report on Norwegian climate policy. She covers a large array of sectors, and works on identifying barriers to change in political systems.

Marit holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has worked extensively on EU, German and French regulation. She is based in London.

She has written articles and co-edited books, one of which has been translated into Chinese. Her writings have covered the transformation of formerly public enterprises through market liberalisation, regulatory and regulators’ independence, national variation in policy development within regional and global constraints, and EU policies. She has also worked on parliamentary representation in Europe.

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